A Tree for Life

Dear Friends and Fans and Seekers of PossibiliTree Wooden Trees,

We, the owners of PossibiliTree LLC, thank you for your interest in our products. We've had a spectacular decade selling our wooden alternatives to live and artificial Christmas trees. Along the way, we have enjoyed connecting with many warm-spirited, wryly-humored, creative, appreciative customers who lead very interesting lives. We've had some astonishing press -- including spots in the New York Times, The Today Show, The LA Times . . . and even Aeroflot, the Russian airlines magazine. Who knew that these wooden trees originally created just for the family by, respectively, our father and friend, Richard Babcock, would make their way into 28 countries around the world!

It is a bittersweet announcement that we now make: The time has come for us to close up shop. We are retiring! New adventures call us. We have sold out our 2016 inventory and will not be producing new batches of possibiliTrees.  

We are sorry if you were looking to purchase a possibiliTree this year or wished for your name to be placed on a waiting list for a future purchase. We can accommodate neither.

Thank you for your interest in possibiliTrees. We wish you happiness and peace.


Pat and Nadja