A Tree for Life

PossibiliTree® wooden trees are a natural alternative to live and artificial Christmas trees. They are compact, light-weight, portable, easy to assemble, easy to store, and are available in tabletop and suspended models.

NEW FOR 2016

We are pleased to announce that due to a reduction in our overhead expenses, we are passing on the savings to our customers. This season, all 6ft possibiliTrees are priced at $360. If you've been tracking possibiliTrees, you know that this is a SIGNIFICANT savings over regular prices in recent years.

Additionally, ground shipping for ANY possibiliTree (6ft, 3ft, wabi sabi) to ANY USA destination, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be $15.


Quantities are limited, so if you are intending to make a purchase, we advise you to do so more sooner than later. We are already sold out of the 3ft and 2ft classic possibiliTrees. We still have 6ft suspended and wabi sabis in stock.