Return Policy

Returns within 30 days of delivery

Our error

You may return new and unopened possibiliTree® wooden trees within 30 days of delivery to your address. We inspect all items when they arrive at our facility. If your return is a result of our error or the merchandise is defective, we will refund the full cost of the merchandise and the original shipping charges as well as reimburse your cost to ship the merchandise back to us.

Not our error

If the return is not a result of our error and you initiate a return of an unopened item within 30 days of delivery, we will refund the full cost of merchandise minus the original shipping charge. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the tree back to PossibiliTree LLC.

Opened product

If you return an item that has been opened or shows signs of wear, we will issue a partial refund minus the original shipping fees. Again, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the tree back to PossibiliTree LLC.

Returns after 30 days of delivery

Products decrease in value over time. We issue partial refunds for returned products based on:

  • The condition of the returned merchandise
  • If you initiate a refund request more than 30 days after delivery to you, and/or 
  • If we receive the merchandise at our returns facility longer than 45 days after the original date of delivery to you.

If any refund is granted in situations where the refund request is more than 30 days beyond delivery to recipient or if the returned item is received by PossibiliTree more than 45 days after the original date of delivery to the customer, we will deduct the original shipping charges from your refund.

How to return an item

  1. Email us at or call us at 612.220.2639.
  2. Explain your situation to our service representative.
  3. If you qualify for a refund, the service representative will give you instructions on how to proceed.

When to expect refund payment

You can expect your refund within four weeks of shipping your package back to us. In many cases you will receive the refund sooner, but we estimate four weeks because of the time required for return shipping (up to 14 days), product inspections at our returns facility (up to five business days), and the time it for your refund to travel through USPS. We will notify you via email with the details of your refund, and we will issue the refund in the form of a company check sent to the same address as we sent your order.


If we send a replacement item, we must receive the original item within 30 days of the date you originated the return or you will be charged the full price of the replacement item. We will send you a replacement in the same wood species as the original tree you ordered unless this species is no longer in stock. In an instance such as this, we will contact you to discuss your options.


We cannot process exchanges at this time. Exchanges must be handled as a return and re-order for a new item. If you need assistance, please contact us at 612.220.2639 or email us

Missing parts

We hope that every product you receive comes with all parts necessary to fully assemble your product. Should you discover that a part is missing, please review your assembly instructions to locate the name of the missing part needed. Email us at or call us at 612.220.2639.